Thursday, January 15, 2004

A Poem - A Lost Race

To Live Or Just Survive....

Coming to a land, all so strange all so new
Where people aren't that friendly or can even talk to you...
Not too many really understand where you have been...

Now searching for a place to lay your head
with just enough left at the end of the day to be fed

Work is scarce but it will be found, regardless of pay,
your survival bound
Not asking much, if only for a chance
Working hard all day with little to show, no time to relax, its gone at a glance as is hard earned pay
Always thinking where else to go, to make little more than just sweeping some floor

Missing in your heart those left behind, trying to block it all, out of your mind
if only to stay strong and continue on, as if nothing in your world can be so wrong

Tears will fall as you sit alone in a Cantina, in a strange land
there with your beer, bittersweet is your pain as you drink to forget...
only to remember, you go on for the sake of another, your precious family,
your father, your mother

And some band or the music you play reminds you of a far distant land, you hear the music loud, as loud as you can, hoping to re-live fond memories...
or maybe just to drown out the pain

End of night has finally come,
time to close your tired eyes, dream of their laughter
Soon tomorrow becomes today, and you remember what was told as a child
To bow down your head its time to pray

Or a young woman who came here all alone,
so much danger awaits, in this city she is prone
She must be even stronger than Any Man to survive,
even if a host with a smile, to get good tips yet its not really her style,
On her own two feet she knows she must stand, and stand she will with a humble sort of womanly pride, thats deeply instilled

With lil ones or not this city changes every one who comes...
some sooner, some later, slowly its pace catches you and now your caught
like so many others in this case, in what you soon see and know...
as the real "rat-race".


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