Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ever Heard Of "Illegal"....Gringos?

I was watching my usual PBS program which happens to be Huel Howser's daily gettin round and discovering "California's Gold". I always enjoy his adventures into the minute or obscure.

He was talking to a local guide about this Old San Diego Town,
and its origins etc. One statement that i found amusing was when the state park ranger/guide mentioned how back when this was still Mexico's land and everyone was either Mexican or Spanish in that area and how little by little the "Gringo" was coming around and soon moving into the area as it became more and more evident that they where gonna stay and they just kept coming and there was no stopping them!
Gee Sound familiar? well...we know the rest of the story don't we?

Today the very same is now in reverse! The Mexicans and others are ironically playing the role the Gringo once played. Now I'm not saying all this to sound negative or whatever....only to comment on and nothing more...nothing less.

Something i just found to be VERY interesting. We know whats up anyway...both mexicanos and gringos.

Southern Californian History


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